The Customer is Always Right

My colleague, Heather Keroes, shared her negative customer service experience a few months ago. It resulted in her not doing business with the company. Given this outcome, an article in Ad Age begs the question:  Why don’t more companies put the customer first?

Our research indicates that 60% of marketers allocate 20% or less of their budget to nurturing customer relationships. Worse, 70% of marketers allocate less than 20% of their people to this goal. As a result, most organizations are starved for money, tools or people to drive customer centricity,” Ad Age states.

Few companies come out and say, “We don’t care about the customer.” However, it is certainly confusing for a company to preach customer centricity, but not practice it in terms of resources. I am sure many frustrated customer service employees in numerous industries are tired of the disconnect.

One of Curley & Pynn’s Five Steps to Professional Success is “Anticipate…don’t wait to be asked.” Companies need to anticipate the power of positive word of mouth advertising and the damage of allocating few resources to nurture client relationships.

“Progressive marketers will calculate the future value of their customer relationships, invest proportionally to that value, then seek new relationships that act, look and think like their best customers. Doing so, they’ll likely be rewarded with higher margins while creating a more enduring, customer-centric franchise,” the article states.

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