Beyond the Four Walls

by Kim Taylor

As a lifelong learner, I look for inspiration and information everywhere from books to blogs to social networking sites and everywhere in between.

While I continue to ponder whether I’ll return to school for an MBA, I’ve been exploring some of the Web’s free learning alternatives like iTunes U, Coursera, and Ted.

Want to brush up on your writing skills?  Check out Stanford University’s ‘How I Write’ podcast on ITunes U which “brings faculty and advanced writers from across the disciplines to explore the nuts and bolts, pleasures and pains, of all types of writing.”

Maybe you’ve always hoped to be better at statistics.  You’re in luck, Princeton is offering its Statistics One course on Coursera—hurry, it starts next week!

Or, perhaps you just need some daily inspiration for generating that next big idea.  Ted is perfect for that.  You can pick a talk based on the amount of time you have to watch and the type of content you’re looking for—from jaw-dropping to funny or even inspirational or ingenious.

As public relations counsel to two highly celebrated educational institutions, this post isn’t meant to dissuade you from a traditional degree-earning education, but sometimes it pays to look beyond the four walls.

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