We Can Wait a Few More Minutes

by Julie Primrose



A story on the Orlando Sentinel website was updated this morning to report that voter turnout in today’s primary election has been low throughout Central Florida.  Why weren’t people showing up to the polls?  Nearly half of the expected voters had already cast their ballots in “early vomiting and absentee ballots.”

I don’t mean to take a cheap shot at the Orlando Sentinel or Dan Tracy.  We all make mistakes and typos can easily happen.  The problem lies in the media’s rush to report the latest news and the lack of editing that goes along with that need for immediacy.

Like many people, I’m accustomed to receiving regular news updates and I check the Orlando Sentinel website throughout the day for any updates since the morning edition.  But editing is crucial; I’d rather wait a few more minutes for a story’s midday update to be edited then see such easily-caught errors in the report.

2 Responses to We Can Wait a Few More Minutes

  1. Roger Pynn says:

    I hate to make a joke out of something as important as good editing and exercising restraint, but my sick sense of humor leads me to wonder if Dan and his colleagues aren’t just as tired as we all are of these nauseating campaigns. It really is enough to make you toss your cookies.

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