by Roger Pynn

I so wish I had coined Dow Chemical’s word “Solutionism.”  Dow’s “Solutionism. The New Optimism.” makes for brilliant positioning and each new effort to build the company’s brand as one providing solutions just seems to get better.

As a worldwide Olympics partner, Dow created a fun and meaningful commercial titled “Hopeful” just for the Olympics as part of its ongoing campaign to tell the story of how the company provides solutions for agriculture, energy, infrastructure & transportation and consumers and their lifestyles.

The full campaign is great storytelling.  It is inspiring and clearly aimed at the public’s aspirations.  Sometimes a theme just resonates broadly across society and I think this one does.  This blogger for a Kansas City home renovations company saw some of her work in Dow’s tag line and “began smiling.”

Advertising Age raved about this spot that tells the story of a transportation solution.  In fact, you’ll find links to Dow solutionism stories all over the Web.

This isn’t just about advertising or PR.  It really is about rebranding.  Dow will always be a chemical company, and chemicals aren’t necessarily something we all like or relate to … but solutions are something else.

One Response to Solutionism

  1. lifewiseblog says:

    Roger, thank you for the mention in your blog. Couldn’t agree more with your thoughts regarding Dow’s rebranding campaign. It’s nice to see that it struck a chord with so many others. Thanks again and take care!

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