Here, We Make the Coffee for You

by Jon Hanson

I had no idea what to expect on my first morning as an intern at Curley & Pynn, but I was in for quite a surprise.  The company president, Roger Pynn, greeted me at the door, invited me inside, and promptly brewed me a cup of coffee.  Some places force the intern to make the coffee, but here the president of the company gladly made a fresh cup for me as we engaged in friendly conversation.  This act of generosity and kindness set the tone for my next eight months.

Of course, not everything was coffee breaks and pleasantries.  I came here to listen, learn and work my tail off.  But the team was always willing to help me with my goals.  One of my favorite projects was putting together a press release for the UCF Alumni Association, identifying relevant publications and ultimately pitching journalists on the story.  It was incredibly rewarding to see my efforts lead to coverage in the Orlando Sentinel.

My work leading to that coverage was just one of countless memorable projects.  Here are a few highlights:

  1. Visiting and participating in a meeting at EA Tiburon.  The chief operating officer hooked me up with a free video game.
  2. Researching SpongeBob Squarepants fan sites.  It was just hilarious.
  3. Escorting YouTube vloggers at Otronicon and beating them at laser tag on the roof of the Orlando Science Center.
  4. Writing a limerick to leave early on a Friday.
  5. Getting pranked into thinking I was going to spend a night inprison.  I swear I would’ve gone through with it.
  6. Learning a tremendous amount about the incredible research and technology that’s worked on every day in the Florida High Tech Corridor region.

I’m beyond grateful for the many opportunities at Curley & Pynn and feel honored to work alongside such a fantastic team.  Here’s a quick note to each:

Kerry Martin:  Always smiling, friendly and yet still professional.  Your work ethic, creativity and guidance can’t be overstated.

Heather Keroes:  We met four years ago and you inspired me to enter this field.  You’ve continued to inspire me and I’m sure you’ll continue to inspire future interns to be their best.

Julie Primrose:  So modest, but so brilliant.  It was a joy sitting across from you.

Vianka McConville:  It was a pleasure getting to know you, and I see why C&P decided to bring you on.

Connie Gonzalez:  You greeted me each day and immediately made me feel comfortable.

Dan Ward:  A sense of humor, a great taste in music and an awesome writer.  You’re a great guy.  I don’t care what your wife says.

Kim Taylor:  I love our email exchanges.  I’m not exactly sure why, but I think we “get” each other.

Roger Pynn:  You taught me the importance of listening and showing interest in the lives of others.  I aspire to someday make the same positive impact on the lives of so many.

Thanks to the entire team for making me feel more prepared than ever to enter my career.  To future interns – what may seem a small, menial task is just a snapshot of the big picture.  Think big.  Everyone here has your best interest at heart.  Make the most of your opportunity.

One Response to Here, We Make the Coffee for You

  1. Roger Pynn says:

    Thanks, Jon. Glad you enjoyed the coffee … and the experience of working alongside some of the fantastic people that make up the Curley & Pynn team. Over the years we’ve made a serious commitment to our intern program and seen some pretty smart people come through. You’ve joined a group of C&P Intern Alumni who have gone on to become standout professionals. Best of luck to you as you head out into the challenging world of public relations.

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