Are You Making These Five Twitter Mistakes?

by Kim Taylor

If you begin a tweet with @username—that’s a reply—which is only seen by the person you’re replying to and those followers shared between both you and that user. If you mean for it to be shared in the public stream, either re-phrase the tweet so the @username isn’t first, or use a period just before it.

Syncing your Facebook and Twitter can work, but if you tweet, “Like this post if cupcakes are your favorite treat,” your users know that information isn’t meant for them. If you’re syncing your accounts, be sure your messages work for both platforms.

Scheduling tweets is a social media manager’s best friend. However, scheduling multiple tweets which result in inadvertently flooding your followers’ Twitter stream is a quick way to lose followers. Schedule wisely.

Stop the automatic direct messages. They are trite, useless and do nothing but make you look like a less savvy user.

Don’t treat Twitter as a one-way communication vehicle. If your Twitter strategy includes only retweeting what others say about you and promoting yourself or your product, you’re doing it wrong. Success on Twitter comes from two-way communication. Listening and sharing with intermittent promotion sprinkled in is a strategy for success.

One Response to Are You Making These Five Twitter Mistakes?

  1. JT says:

    Uhh, what’s Twitter?

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