Why All Headlines Should Be Banned

by Roger Pynn

I’m always suspect of any story that claims to have all the answers … a crystal ball that will allow me to see the future.  So a headline in Fast Company’s Expert Perspective section headlined “Why Short-Form Video Is The Future Of Marketing” obviously caught a jaundiced eye … and it lived up to my suspicious expectations.

First of all, what “expert” Kerrin Sheldon wrote is not what the headline suggests.  He did not say that short-form video is an end-all for marketing.  Rather, he rightly said that our fascination with video will continue to grow.  Duh!

What he also didn’t say is what else is needed to make marketing successful.  Other than saying you’d better become a storyteller if you’re going to use short-form video, he failed to tell you how you should prepare yourself for the future.

We see far too many of these “expert” opinions these days that don’t deliver actionable information.  Here’s my two cents on that:  if you don’t include short-form video in your marketing strategies in the future, they’ll be incomplete.  Learn the art form.  Learn storytelling.  And, most importantly, link your short-form video to a much broader, more complete multimedia program.  In the end, these videos are just one more tool in your belt.

(And, don’t believe the headlines.)

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