An Untapped Resource: Reddit

 by Vianka McConville



Reddit is uncharted territory.  As a close source tells me (my husband), this social media site is the beginning of the Internet.  All major Internet memes and funnies are first created and posted within the many subjects, or subreddits, available.  In a matter of days, you can count on user content from Reddit to populate Facebook, Twitter and go viral.  In theory Reddit is the Holy Grail for marketers, and Mashable further explains.

It sounds like a no-brainer to use this site, but being married to a techie and avid Reddit follower, I know it is more of a mental game of chess to use a community, that heavily frowns upon blatant promotion, to promote a product or service.  I’m glad to see Mashable is encouraging its use with the article and providing practical information. Perhaps enough brains can come together to figure out the best use of this site for PR without losing credibility.

Side note:  There is a public relations subreddit.  It is not very strong with only 262 readers at the time of this post.  The last post was seven days ago, laughable by Reddit standards.  Compare it to the aww subreddit with more than 1 million readers and several posts per minute.

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