‘Good Morning’

by Roger Pynn



The two simple words “good morning” came to clearly define a brand for me recently that I had planned to write about the incredible guest experience we had on a vacation.  Then came this story that Celebrity Cruises CEO Dan Hanrahan is leaving the line to become CEO of a hair salon … well, alright, Regis is actually a company that has 12,000 salons.

Under Hanrahan’s leadership, Celebrity, one of the brands of Royal Caribbean Cruises, Ltd., has enjoyed tremendous success … and I doubt anyone who has sailed on one of their ships will forget that every time they encountered an employee they were greeted personally and personably with a “good morning” or a “hello” or a “how’s your day?”

People spend anywhere from seven days to several weeks aboard these floating resorts and Hanrahan’s team has turned the art of establishing friendly relationships into a science.  “We’re taught from day one that engaging our guests is a top priority,” one waiter told me.  “Saying ‘hello’ every time you see someone is easy.”

Brands have to deliver value.  My wife, who owns a travel agency, tells me her clients recognize Celebrity as a top value in the highly competitive cruise industry.  She also says that the “good morning” culture has a lot to do with that.

What’s special about the way you engage your customers?  Does it set you apart?

Hanrahan leaves Celebrity in a special place … a brand whose promise is so clear that travelers have come to expect it as a cut above.  He goes to a brand that is in business to be a cut above and will surely benefit from his savvy.

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