Who is your competition?

by Roger Pynn



From time-to-time someone will ask “who is your competition?”  They want to know what firms we consider competitors.  Our reply has always been that all firms are competitors, but that we believe we compete for business based on who we are … not who else a prospect may be interviewing.

We also firmly believe that we compete against ourselves … against the bar we set … against the obstacles of achieving new goals for ourselves in mastering the art and science of what we do.

So I was inspired by Seth Godin’s evaluation of “competition as a crutch.”  He’s right in saying “competing with yourself is more difficult, requires more bravery and leads to more insight.”

Knowing and respecting your competitors is important.  It enables you to capitalize on what you do when talking to prospects.  But you should never sell “against” them.  If you do it only wastes time you should devote to selling your own strengths … and smart prospects know that when they ask.

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