Gogo Walks the Talk

by Roger Pynn

Gogo Internet … the provider of online services to travelers strapped into an airline seat has to live up to a pretty high standard: they sign emails “fly classy.”

I complained to Gogo that I felt sucked in when, while on the check-in page of the Delta Airlines website, I was offered the opportunity to save money by pre-purchasing wireless Internet services as I checked in for my pending 11.5 hour flight from Venice, Italy, to Atlanta, Ga.

I’ve used Gogo many times and love their service … and I thought “here’s a way to get a head start on returning to work after a European vacation. So I agreed to spend twelve whole dollars for the ability to use my iPad to connect to my desktop, retrieve files and work through those boring hours across the Atlantic.

Except … you got it … there was no WiFi on the flight.

So when I contacted to Gogo on my return, I first got an explanation that the company only offers service on domestic flights … but, good news, my credit would never expire and could be used on any Delta flight.

But, I explained, I hardly every fly Delta … and I certainly wouldn’t use the equivalent of a 12-hour pass on my frequent 1.5-2 hour flights — usually on Southwest Airlines.

No problem. The folks at Gogo lived up to their motto and their customer service agent said “I have canceled your pass. I have included a promotional code for free service on any future flight on any Gogo equipped plane …”

That’s classy. It took just two e-mails to straighten out the problem. The folks at Gogo clearly understand that reputation and responsiveness go hand-in-hand.

Hopefully someone from Delta will read this and figure out that it isn’t nice to trick flyers into a purchase they can’t use.

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