How classy!

by Roger Pynn

Let’s face it … no one likes to hear you say “no.”  Children don’t like to be told they can’t have what they want … nor do adults.  How you say “no” in business is often critical to reputation and lasting relationships.

The classy people at Brighton Collectibles Inc., where I’ve happily spent a lot of money for the jewelry, wallets and handbags my wife loves, have upped the ante when it comes to saying “no” to job applicants … turning the dreaded rejection letter into a piece of marketing genius.

My wife’s cousin in Houston is an experienced sales rep, and as her daughter prepares to head off to college Susan is getting ready to re-enter the sales game after having taken a break to enjoy all the activities associated with Taylor’s senior year in high school.  Also a Brighton fan, she applied for a rep position she saw advertised online.

When a package arrived in the mail from Brighton, it contained a piece of the company’s trendy jewelry and a letter from President Jerry Kohl.

Thank you so very much for your interest in a career with Brighton.  Wed like you to know that we appreciate your desire to make a move to our company, he said, but at this time they would be considering other candidates.

How can we ever thank you enough?  While we cant shower you with jewels from head to toe, wed like to shower you with our heartfelt thank yous and send along a small gift to keep Brighton in sight, and in mind.  I hope you enjoy the enclosed gift and that every time you look at it, it will remind you just how special you are to us!

Classy doesn’t even begin to describe this type of relationship marketing.  Not only has Susan shared the letter and shown the gift to everyone who’d listen, it inspired her to keep trying.  “They have other openings and I’m applying,” she said.  “Who wouldn’t want to work for them?”

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