Don’t Underestimate Today’s Youth

 Vianka McConville



In accordance with a fellow blog post, I believe today’s younger generation is a lot smarter and more tech savvy than people give it credit for – regardless of social class.  Children, teens and young adults are less likely to hold on to traditional methods of communication and freely experiment with new online mediums.  While I consider myself a part of this pioneering generation, I was not learning code as a freshman in high school to create a search engine for charity similar to these teens—they created a business!  It is very easy to say teens spend useless hours in front of a computer, but practice makes perfect and toiling away with a computer can spark a deep interest in the digital industry with limitless future possibilities. While I am not promoting a disregard for Internet supervision, some children use such access to blur the line between a fun after school activity and innovating industries.  In today’s rough economy, employment trends in engineering and information technology are on the rise and the will to fill those spots starts young.  Why limit their potential?

One Response to Don’t Underestimate Today’s Youth

  1. Roger says:

    Vianka … when I was your age in the Vietnam Era none of my generation trusted anyone over 30, and likewise they were convinced that anyone under 30 was incapable of having accumulated enough knowledge to have meaningful opinions. Like racial prejudice, generational bias continues … but the young always laugh last.

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