You Don’t Have to Be a Brain Surgeon

by Vianka McConville


You learn something new every day.  Traditional media is a great source of information, but social media continues to combine knowledge with experience capturing niche markets.  For example, recently 14.5 million people were reached through live-tweeting brain surgery.

The patient, a 21-year-old woman, allowed for the brain tumor resection surgery to be captured via video, photos and consistent tweets.  Hospital staff performed the updates.  The updates are impressive including graphic photos and clear videos.

“We wanted to spread the educational experience as far as possible,” said Natalie Camarata, Memorial Hermann’s digital marketing manager, as told to Mashable.

The experience is absolutely educational – surely for the medical community and curious Internet followers, but also for digital communicators.  There may not be too many limits for social media (if any), which provides an opportunity to push boundaries for clients and create novel campaigns.  It is time to seriously think outside the box.

*The hospital also debuted the first-ever open heart surgery live-tweet in February 2012.

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