Brilliant Use of QR Codes

by Julie Primrose

QR codes have been around long enough that their novelty is starting to wear off.  Many people are even predicting that they won’t be around much longer.  While there are many examples of creative QR codes out there, most of them seem more like gimmicks than thoughtful uses backed with solid strategy.

However, this latest usage of QR codes by Emart, described as the Wal-Mart of Korea, is a great example of using QR codes to strategically target potential customers.

What makes this example different is the shadow-enabled QR code gives Emart customers a distinct benefit they wouldn’t have received if they hadn’t scanned the code.  This strategy targets customers when the company wants them to shop and it offers a coupon the customers wouldn’t have received if they weren’t at Emart during the target hour of 12 to 1 p.m.  Customers were engaged by the “Sunny Sale” campaign at the right time and place, which resulted in tangible sales results for the company.

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