The Customer is Always Wrong …

by Heather Keroes


That’s the impression I had recently when looking into ordering my contact lenses online.  Usually I order contact lenses directly from my optometrist at Target Optical, but with the hopes of saving a few dollars this time around, I decided to research online options – and there are many.  Surprisingly, most of the online suppliers quoted my contacts at more or less the same rate as Target, with the exception of one company.  However, while I am not fearful of online ordering (I am a frequent online shopper), I always do my homework to see how other consumers have rated their experiences.

I had an easy time finding reviews for the company I researched, and while on average it was ranked favorably, I noticed a common and disturbing thread amongst the negative reviews.  The company was responding publicly to some of its negative comments, not necessarily a bad thing, but in their replies the customer was always in the wrong.  The company even went so far as to claim that one of the reviews was a hoax by another disgruntled customer using a false screen name.

While I daresay there are cases in which a customer may be making an unwarranted or unfair claim, any customer complaint should be addressed in a polite, professional manner, providing next steps for sideline follow-up and resolution.  Through overtly defensive tactics going against the most basic rule of customer service – “the customer is always right” – this company lost my business before it had it.  I guess I’m going back to Target.

One Response to The Customer is Always Wrong …

  1. […] colleague, Heather Keroes, shared her negative customer service experience a few months ago. It resulted in her not doing business with the company. Given this outcome, an article in Ad Age […]

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