Central Florida Needs PR

by Vianka McConville

The last few weeks have been interesting for Central Florida, to say the least. Reporters at the Orlando Sentinel have not been shying away from printing unusual events, making Florida quite newsworthy in the national arena.

It’s been tough with a car AND a plane crashing into different Publix stores in different parts of the state, burned bodies found along a popular trail and an early morning shot fired into a car, hitting a passenger while traveling on I-4. Fox News and CNN have shared the stories, not to mention the Trayvon Martin/George Zimmerman trial coverage.

These stories are a reminder that unusual events make headlines for better or worse. I wonder if the rest of the nation views Florida as the place to retire and sip away the day at the beach or if a negative view of the area looms, perhaps recently from the onset of Casey Anthony. It would be interesting to know.”

One Response to Central Florida Needs PR

  1. Right?!?! Every time a new story comes out I just hang my head and say to myself, “Can’t something good come out of Florida sometime soon? Please!”

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