Lowe’s Pins it to Facebook

March 29, 2012

by Julie Primrose

Typically, I would be against companies linking social media channels such as Twitter and Facebook so that the same posts update to each site.  Twitter and Facebook serve separate purposes and are intended to reach different audiences in their own distinct ways.  But I recently saw an example of one company that is leveraging the benefits of two popular social networks to effectively expand its audience engagement.

Earlier this month, Lowe’s was recognized for its decision to add a Pinterest tab to its Facebook page.  According to MediaPost, the home improvement giant was the first major brand to use the new tool to link Pinterest to its Facebook page.  Users can repin, like and comment on Lowe’s Pinterest photos without ever leaving Facebook.

The decision has proven to be a successful one for Lowe’s.  Since linking the two accounts, Lowe’s Pinterest following has grown by more than 32 percent and certain individual pinboards have seen an increase in followers of nearly 60 percent.

A recent study from RJ Metrics found that home décor, and arts and crafts are among the most popular photo categories on Pinterest.  With that in mind, it makes perfect sense for Lowe’s to be using Pinterest as part of its overall social program.  But one of the key downfalls of Pinterest is its apparent inability to attract men, arguably Lowe’s key demographic.

By allowing fans to interact directly with its Pinterest boards from inside Facebook, Lowe’s has done a great job expanding its reach, possibly even attracting more men to follow its Pinterest activities.  In this case, Lowe’s proves that, if done with the right intentions, linking social networks can be an effective way to reach a previously untapped audience.

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