A Joyful Afternoon

by Kim Taylor

Over the holidays, the team at Curley & Pynn added a few extra items to their shopping lists—toys for a very special charity, Jarrett’s Joy Cart.

Named for Jarrett Mynear, a six-time cancer sufferer whose life was taken by the disease at age 13, the charity aims to provide joyous moments and experiences for children in crisis.

We’re proud to be led by the team at OrLANtech – who are both our friends and the leaders of the Orlando Chapter – in a toy delivery at Florida Hospital for Children in what promised to be a joyful afternoon.

Want in on the joy?  Find out how you can help here, or join in the conversation on the Jarrett’s Joy Cart Facebook page.

One Response to A Joyful Afternoon

  1. Roger Pynn says:

    Thanks to our friends at OrLANtech for getting us involved with this wonderful cause. There is nothing like the smile on a child’s face and their truly heartfelt “thank you” to turn you into jelly. Check out Jarrett’s Joy Cart and you may just find a way to get in on the action.

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