OMG! Breaking News

by Roger Pynn

The Public Relations Society of America has made a stunning announcement: it can finally define what we do in the business I’ve been making a living in for more than 40 years.  And guess what?  They’ve just wasted more time and money than I can imagine to:

  1. Do something that was totally unnecessary;
  2. Attempt to define something that has defied definition because of its complexity, flexibility and ability to accommodate change perhaps better than any other profession; and,
  3. Talk to their least important audience … themselves.

Trying to define a business that thrives on an ever-changing media landscape and serves businesses and organizations that are successful because of their unique differences seems almost as fruitless as trying to grow apples that look identical.

Sure, PR people are asked all the time “what exactly do you do?”  Those who feel threatened by that ought to find another job.  We do what you need us to do to communicate with people who are important to you so they will like you, agree with you, buy your products and services, vote for you, support your position on an issue, etc.

What’s important is how we do it … the strategies and tactics behind our solution.

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