WESH Makes the Tweet Up Cool Again

by Kim Taylor

Tweet Ups are so 2009, right?  Wrong.  WESH Channel 2, Central Florida’s NBC station, managed to put a new spin on the gatherings that some may think are a thing of the past.

Officially dubbed #WeshMeetup, the invite-only event was hosted for a limited number of folks who are presumably social media-savvy and fans of the station.  Orchestrated by the social media brains behind WESH, Gabe Travers, the group was invited to meet at the WESH studios for a behind-the-scenes tour, info session and breakfast goodies provided by one of Orlando’s famed food trucks, Melissa’s Chicken & Waffles and locally owned Barnie’s Coffee.

News Director Bob Longo and Assistant News Director Kirsten Wolff were our consummate hosts as we managed to weave our way from the parking lot to the newsroom and finally into the studio where we enjoyed a first-hand (and Live!) view of the “WESH 2 News Sunrise” newscast with Jason Guy, Aixa Diaz, Amy Sweezey and Kimberly Williams.

Not only did we have the opportunity to mix and mingle with fellow Tweeters, we also participated in a Q&A session with reporter/anchor, Stewart Moore, while he was in the field reporting on a local news story.  We learned about many of the ways WESH is trying to engage viewers with products like U Local, and involving community members in the upcoming election by seeking those who wish to share their political insights and opinionsSyan Rhodes even took time out of her morning for a chat and pictures.

Hats off to the WESH 2 News Team for making the Tweet Up cool again!

3 Responses to WESH Makes the Tweet Up Cool Again

  1. I would have to fully agree with you, Kim. This was by far one of my favorite Tweetups/Meetups. Definitely a good initiative for WESH.

  2. Chris Gent says:

    I was part of today’s meetup at WESH. Terrific way to build brand loyalty and show your followers additional ways they can get involved with the station. Loved it!

  3. sales Transaction

    WESH Makes the Tweet Up Cool Again | Taking Aim

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