Life Without Wiki (and Wales)

by Roger Pynn

No … this is not a political statement.  Frankly, I’m not sure I have spent enough time on the issue to understand the uproar about SOPA and PIPA (a pair of bills that Internet leaders say would censor the Web and result in over-regulation).

This is about a day when Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales decided to go black, people may find that with a little careful digging there are many more meaningful resources than his user-generated encyclopedia … a source I often lazily quote, but also often find vague.  As a former journalist, I know that simply citing countless references isn’t enough to justify a conclusion.  You need to follow paths that often take you down winding roads, but sometimes bring you to a gem.

I don’t find that on Wikipedia.

Mr. Wales is an interesting personality.  A serial entrepreneur he’s no doubt brilliant.  He also has a history of taking his toys and going home when he doesn’t get what he wants.  Cutting you off from his nonprofit encyclopedia for a day as a means of protesting legislation he fears will hurt his business ventures is an example.

One Response to Life Without Wiki (and Wales)

  1. Jim Sears says:

    Roger: You are all mixed up. Pippa is Kate’s sister with the fantastic derriere. Just google the pictures and you will see.

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