Told Ya So

by Dan Ward

It’s rare that I regret being right, but this is one of those times.

Back in July, I wrote that the acquittal of Casey Anthony was a Dream Verdict for the media, predicting that we would continue to see nonstop coverage in which every move Casey makes would be cause for “Breaking News” coverage.

Nearly six months later, what do we see on the front page of the Orlando Sentinel and as the lead of virtually every newscast?  A “video diary” from Casey herself, along with reviews of her diary and comments about her physical appearance.  Oh, and don’t forget the update that Casey reportedly has a new boyfriend.  (Is that breaking news or broken news?)

The story comes only days after the Sentinel chose Casey Anthony’s acquittal as the Top Local News Story of the Year, above stories such as the final launch of the Space Shuttle.

Headlines claim Casey’s video diary proves she is narcissistic, but the coverage leads me to question who loves Casey Anthony more … Casey Anthony, or the media who continue to lavish attention on her?

One Response to Told Ya So

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