Customer Disservice 101

December 28, 2011

by Dan Ward

If you have a few minutes, you owe it to yourself to read this GeekWire post about what is quite possibly the worst company/customer email exchange in history.

If you’re interested in learning every single thing you should never say to a customer, this one has it all. Curse at him? Check. Call him names? Check. Get his name wrong? Check. Belittle him? Check.

And when a member of the gaming media gets involved, make sure you get in a war of words with him as well. Don’t forget to drop names of the people you know, make a couple of empty threats and fail to do any research on the journalist you’re berating.

Oh, and by all means, don’t apologize until after your email chain has gone public.

Honestly, folks, this is one for the record books.

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