Life and Death on Facebook

by Heather Keroes

It was only a matter of time. The other day I switched my Facebook profile over to the new Timeline layout. Timeline is just what it claims to be – and lays out my life, according to Facebook, year by year. I daresay the profile better represents me in the sense that it looks more like me, with a large photo of my fabulous self at the top of the page (narcissists rejoice!). The Heather brand is alive and well on Facebook, but what about actual brands? What could this mean for them?

Profile changes on Facebook usually lead the way to brand page changes on Facebook. It’s not the first time Facebook has shaken things up (remember when Facebook tabs were actually tabs at the top of your page?). I believe that the look of the new layout is a good thing for brands and would allow them to display their visual message more prominently. The look of my profile, for example, is now much more “in your face” (or my face, pun intended).

I’m curious as to how apps would work their way into a timeline-centric layout for brands and how the year-by-year timeline itself would factor in. Will we be able to witness the life (and maybe even the death) of a brand online? Of course, all of my ponderings about this are pure speculation. Facebook is working on upgrading brand pages, but no dates or details have been shared as of yet. Once again, it’s only a matter of time …

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