Making the Pitch

December 7, 2011

by Dan Ward

How refreshing to read a blog post about “The Pitch” that is focused not on media relations, but on any interaction in which you’re pitching an idea, product or even yourself.

Josh Linkner’s Fast Company post, “5 Disastrous Moves That Will Botch Your Pitch,” is not directed at PR pros, but those of us who have stories to tell should pay attention to what he has to say.

In short, Linkner advises us to stay humble, avoid hyperbole, stop selling once the sale is made, stick to the relevant facts and be concise.  To do otherwise can “sabotage an otherwise good pitch.”

Words to live by no matter who or what you are pitching.

If Only Media Counted

December 7, 2011

by Roger Pynn

This cute Forbes contribution by Peter Himler looking at “today’s headlines through the prism of PR/media/marketing” stops short of looking at our profession through the lens of purpose.

Himler writes of a test he began giving back in the pre-Internet days to prospective public relations hires … a test based on their knowledge of the news media they would ostensibly deal with if hired.  Then he tries to update it for a world that operates at a dizzying pace in which everyone seems convinced that success will be measured by clicks.

If getting to PR’s pearly gates was based only on media successes I’d start handing out Himler’s test tomorrow.  However, what clients really want from us is far more than Klout scores in the stratosphere or a seat on the “Today” show couch with Matt Lauer (although that could well be a home run).

They want brand definition and recognition … and reputation management … and corporate social responsibility programs … and candid internal communications … and many other things that aren’t dependent upon media habits.  Certainly, the shifting sands of technology-enabled communications are important to what we do … but public relations people will be far more valuable to employers and clients if they focus on what really keeps the boss awake at night.

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