The Best Communications Tool for Customer Service

December 5, 2011

by Kerry Martin

No one likes to be inconvenienced, especially at the airport.  When you come to a place that is supposed to facilitate travel, it’s irritating to be shuffled around through alternate gates and detours because the airport is under renovation.

It is here—when passengers have been awake for hours on end, flights have been delayed and people’s patience runs thin—that customer service needs to go above and beyond its normal function.  And sometimes a barricade’s message of “Please pardon our dust” just doesn’t cut it.

As I was traveling through Los Angeles International Airport (LAX), the obstructions around the terminal caught my eye and stuck out in my mind as a brilliant strategy to allay passengers’ annoyance.  LAX took the opportunity to use clever branding messages to make fun of the necessary blockades:

Through the campaign “Re:LAX It’s All Good,” the airport takes an “LA state-of-mind” approach to spoof those pesky airport construction signs. What’s more, they made me laugh more than they made me grumble.

To me, humor is always the best communications tool to deal with customers (especially jet-lagged ones).

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