First Annual Blog Rant

December 1, 2011

by Kim Taylor

There’s no question that I’ve become a bit of a grammar and style elitist during my time at Curley & Pynn.  I’ll be the first to admit I read books like “Grammar snobs are great big meanies” and “Eats, Shoots and Leaves” for fun.  So, yesterday I took to the Internet for a little Twitter PSA:


Replies to my tweet were varied, with most in full support of my rant (hooray!). But, one lonely follower stood up in protest:

After pausing to reflect, I immediately viewed @kirchherr’s Twitter profile to see who I was up against. Alas, I should’ve known; Mr. Kirchherr is a self-proclaimed “Tormentor of AP-style pedants.”

Twitter debate aside, I fervently reiterate my argument in support of AP Style cronies everywhere: to be described as annual, an event has to have happened in at least two successive years. The “intent” for an event to occur in subsequent years isn’t enough, thusly labeling the first event annual vs. first annual … or hey, why not opt for inaugural which removes any confusion or debate.


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