What’s in a Handshake?

by Kim Taylor

With each new encounter, I’m certain the phrase “you never get a second chance to make a first impression,”  extends far beyond the polish on your shoes or the crease in your pants.  When meeting someone for that all-important first time knowing a handshake is in the cards, how much thought do you put into the strength and confidence of that seemingly unimportant gesture?”

I’ve personally met dozens of people who – at first glance – were ready to knock me off my feet with their poise, intelligence and confidence only to be disappointed by the equivalent of a dead fish handshake.  Perhaps I’m alone in this, but it’s just one of those things that stick with me far beyond the first interaction.

Be advised, though, stronger is not always better.  This old article from CNN offers 10 Nightmarish Handshakes to Avoid, and gives a few more tips on executing an effective handshake.

So, next time you extend your hand for a shake, won’t you consider turning your wimpy grip into a firm, but not bone-crushing squeeze?

3 Responses to What’s in a Handshake?

  1. Oh my gosh this post is too funny because I am SO aware of my handshake when I meet new people. It’s extremely important for it to be just the right grip–not to firm but not too soft–and must be accompanied by direct eye contact with the handshake recipient.

  2. Dan says:

    Wish the person I met Wednesday night had read this post. Thought for a moment about screaming as my bones reached the breaking point. Firm is fine. Bone crushing, not so much.

  3. […] What’s in a Handshake? – November 29, 2011 […]

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