Positioning and need.

by Roger Pynn

Haven’t referenced Seth Godin in a long time, but I still find his short and simple posts far more appealing than many of today’s online marketing minds.  He writes here about positioning and in the end what he’s talking about is differentiation.  Many of us have become so caught up in what we call “branding” that it is often easy to forget about establishing unique selling proposition.

More importantly, as Seth points out, once you’ve established what makes you unique … you still have to motivate someone to want it.  As marketers, we have to create demand and that usually means convincing your audience that they really need what you have.

And that takes us back to research … taking the time to find out and know what people feel they need (rather than assuming you know) shortens the selling path and creates lasting customer relationships because they know they can count on you to meet their needs.

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