I Will Not Use the “K” Name

by Roger Pynn


I’m fine with K-mart and Kentucky Fried Chicken, but I refuse to use the fake family brand name of Mrs. Bruce Jenner and company.  When the “Today” show devoted a segment to this dysfunctional made-for-television unit today, I thought I’d go bonkers (and I’ll wager their late lawyer Daddy turned over at least once).

For gosh sake, Greece is trying to commit seppuku and take us all to the grave with them and here’s Ann Curry worrying about whether Mrs. Jenner’s daughter’s 72-day marriage was a sham … and, of course, continuing to drive clicks and viewership for this decade’s version of the Jerry Springer show.

So much for “Today” being a product of NBC News.  It needs to shift over to the entertainment side of the house and people who grant them interviews need to stop feeling they are talking to journalists.

One Response to I Will Not Use the “K” Name

  1. Nancy curry says:

    I only ever catch that show by accident -at the gym, volume muted, thankfully. On Halloween they dedicated something like 5 minutes to the cast dressed as members of the British royal wedding. Pathetic.

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