South Florida Schools Gets “Scoholed”

by Heather Keroes

Our proofreader is going to love reading this blog post.  News stations in South Florida are reporting that a Lauderhill elementary school has failed its spelling test, misspelling “school” as “scohol” on a painted road sign.  According to a Miami New Times blogger, this is nothing new.   Apparently, South Florida schools have been called “scohols” or even “shcools” a few times over the last few years.  You can see the latest misspelling here.

WPLG-TV reports that the mistake was made a few days ago and “no comment has been issued from the county.”  While it’s definitely not encouraging to see centers of learning misspelling their signs, you’d think that the county would have issued a statement as soon as the news hit … even if it’s just to say that it was a mistake and the road sign would be repainted as soon as possible.  On slow news days, stories such as this can spread quickly, sometimes making their way to national news.  The story is already highlighted on the Orlando Sentinel’s homepage, which is many counties removed from the “scohol” in question.  This is a good reminder of how we need to act quickly to support our clients, no matter the size or significance of a crisis.

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