Terrestrial? No Thanks

by Dan Ward

My wife just started a new job that requires a long commute, so she’s now driving my car (which gets better mileage) while I head to work in our old gas-guzzler.

This means that, for the first time in more than five years, I’m once again listening to terrestrial radio.
I’ve had SiriusXM in my car for longer than I can remember, gladly paying a monthly subscription for the ability to listen to (mostly) advertising-free news, talk and music.

My wife’s car, sadly, is old school. So each morning, I tune in to a news/talk station to find out what’s going on in the world and in my community. After three weeks of this, all I can say is “how in the world do you non-satellite-radio morning commuters do this?!”

Instead of getting news/talk, I spend my mornings listening to a non-stop stream of paid advertisements, with an occasional break to find out that, whaddya know, I’m stuck in traffic and the sun is shining. A 15-second news break is all that interrupts the block of bids for my banking business.

Seriously, I respect all those who sit through the non-stop ads to get a tidbit of news information each morning. As for me, call me spoiled, but Sirius is about to double its subscription base in the Ward household.

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