What’s the Score?

by Dan Ward

Earlier this week, I spoke to a group of students and young professionals, and encouraged them all to subscribe to the print edition of the local newspaper, which provides more complete coverage than online news.

I’m beginning to wonder if I provided bad advice.  If the print edition is simply going to serve as a teaser for stories that can only be found online, why bother subscribing?

When I walked out to get my newspaper this morning, I was looking forward to what coaches and players had to say following UCF’s disheartening loss to a previously winless team.  I was looking forward as well to coverage of the pitching duel in a great World Series Game 2.

What I got instead was “for results, go to OrlandoSentinel.com” along with a headline predicting whether a certain player will play … in a game completed the night before.

Neither game ended terribly late, so a decision had to have been made fairly early to drop the results from early editions (the “final edition” that arrived at my office had complete results).

My hope is that this is not an example of online editions and mobile apps being used as a “crutch” when stories are approaching deadline.  There used to be a day not too long ago when the print edition would be held in order to get the story.  Now you can just tell your paid subscribers to join the online masses for information.

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