How Would You Bring Them Back?

by Kim Taylor

In any economy it takes teams of people and creative ideas aplenty to urge travelers to spend their precious dollars visiting your destination.  But, what happens when you’re up against daunting worldwide economic conditions and also happen to be at the center of devastating earthquakes, tsunamis and nuclear disaster?

That’s exactly the dilemma facing tragedy-stricken Japan and the country’s tourism agency.  Reported numbers of foreign visitors to Japan are down 50 percent compared to the same period last year.

How, then, can a country so distressed convince the world’s traveler that Japan is safe and worth visiting?

How about by giving away 10,000 round-trip flights to bloggers who help spread their message?

While bloggers would be required to write about their experiences and pay additional travel expenses, not having to cover that pricey airfare would definitely be a motivator.

So, what do you think about Japan’s effort to bring visitors back to their country?  How would you bring them back?

2 Responses to How Would You Bring Them Back?

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