When All Else Fails, Quit

by Kim Taylor

My colleague Kerry and I both wrote posts about Netflix last month and when I saw this headline, I couldn’t help but write another.

After making what appeared to be a hasty decision to split their service lines into two separate websites and sloppily introducing Qwikster, Netflix CEO Reed Hastings has announced the decision—via their blog—that they are abandoning the second brand, second website concept and keeping everything at Netflix.

Can a company this wishy-washy about their brand, where strategy was clearly lacking, survive yet another public backlash?  What do you think?

2 Responses to When All Else Fails, Quit

  1. Roger Pynn says:

    All the more amazing after hearing radio’s king of customer service Clark Howard rave about Hastings as an examplary CEO for his candor and quick response when he realized they made a mistake. You can fool some of the people some of the time …

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