Whatever happened to reporting?

by Roger Pynn

In the LMAO category was a 9:14 a.m. post on OrlandoSentinel.com today about an ad taken out in the newspaper’s print edition, and published and delivered to my driveway about 5:45 a.m.  Florida Hospital had taken out an ad to alert people who had used its emergency rooms that some patient records had been breached during a 20-month period.  The ad went on to say that all whose records were involved had been notified.

In days gone by, news reporters – who are supposed to be separated from the advertising department for obvious reasons – would have had a “source downstairs” to alert them to any such ad and a story would have run in the same edition.  Don’t try to convince me that it was some new devotion to ethical barriers that kept the newshounds away from this one.

Shortly after 11 a.m., the across-town Orlando Business Journal tweeted “Florida Hospital fires three employees for data breach” and a link to an OBJ story that then links the Sentinel story.  I’ll tell you what … they are burning up the pavement in town today to get that breaking news in your hands.

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