Making Bad, Worse

by Kim Taylor

Remember the outrage in July when Netflix changed their pricing structure and service offerings raised their rates?  The social media community went nuts, people threatened to drop their service, and I imagine many did.  However justified it may’ve seemed it didn’t go over well with their many loyal subscribers.

Then yesterday, in a moment of genius, CEO Reed Hastings issued a mea culpa and explanation and name change, leaving customers even angrier.

If that wasn’t enough, somehow Netflix failed to secure the ever-important-in-today’s-world Twitter handle of their new venture, Qwikster.  Instead, that belongs to a self-proclaimed pot head … who isn’t exactly using the Twitter feed to promote Netflix’s new brand.

It’s pretty clear that Netflix made an already bad situation even worse.  Do you think they can salvage a brand once loved by so many?

3 Responses to Making Bad, Worse

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