Have You Met WUCF?

by Dan Ward

I’ll admit right up front that I’m biased.  I am both a proud alumnus of the University of Central Florida and a PR professional who is honored to call UCF a long-time client.

Now that disclosure is behind us, allow me to ask a question: Have you met WUCF-TV?

That’s the question WUCF is asking the community to answer, in the hopes of getting to know at least 10,000 viewers as part of what Orlando Sentinel’s Hal Boedeker calls “an offbeat approach to its first fund drive,” which ends September 25.

If you haven’t “met” WUCF yet, I encourage you to do so. UCF and Brevard Community College stepped in to form WUCF-TV when WMFE announced it was selling Channel 24, an effort that saved PBS for Central Florida.

Since that time, WUCF has shown a willingness to try new, even “offbeat,” approaches to building and serving its viewer base.  The current fund drive is just one example, with less pledging and a more consistent programming schedule. The opportunity to meet WUCF is an opportunity for viewers to have their voices heard on the future of public television in Central Florida. For those who enjoy public television, the approach is refreshing.

If you have yet to meet, please reach out and say hello. Visit www.wucftv.org or www.facebook.com/wucftv, or call the station at (321) 433-7777.


One Response to Have You Met WUCF?

  1. Grant says:

    Perhaps the greatest post you have ever written, Dan. And that is my totally unbiased opinion 🙂


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