Get To The Point

by Roger Pynn

As a journalist, I was trained to get to the point … to be sure that in writing the lead paragraph of a story that the reader knew the punch line, just in case the rest of the story had to be edited out for space.  It works kind of like this:

“A man wrote a blog post today and you are reading it.

In addition, the writer included references to other …”

So when I read an article in today’s Orlando Sentinel (a story that apparently never made it to I was amused that I had to read 8 paragraphs down before I got the punch line … where they actually identified St. Cloud Medical Center and Central Florida Regional Hospital in Sanford as the two hospitals recognized by the Joint Commission on Accreditation.

It is clear the story didn’t make it on the Sentinel’s website because it was actually a poorly edited version of a story reporter Bob LeMendola, identified as a “staff writer,” penned for the Sentinel’s sister paper the Sun Sentinel of Fort Lauderdale.  That story noted 16 South Florida hospitals were included in a list of the top 405 hospitals in the country.

LeMendola isn’t a reporter for the Orlando Sentinel.  He writes for the Fort Lauderdale Sun Sentinel.  No one at the Orlando Sentinel covered the story.  Instead, someone apparently saw that two Central Florida hospitals were included and said, “hey, they can fill some space in Orlando with this one.”

Every day I inch closer to throwing in the towel and admitting newspapering has died.

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