Facebook Places Checks Out

by Julie Primrose

Earlier this week, Facebook announced that it is removing Facebook Places from its mobile apps.  While many Facebook features have come and gone over the years (Can we all agree that poking should be the next thing to go?), it’s interesting to see the demise of Facebook Places since there’s always been a lot of discussion on the future of location-based social networking.

At the same time Facebook Places has seemingly failed, Foursquare has continued to grow, reaching 10 million users for the first time last month.  So what has made Foursquare succeed, while Facebook rethinks its approach to location sharing services?

On Foursquare it’s common for businesses to offer check-in deals, but I haven’t seen much of the same on Facebook Places.  When you decide to engage with customers using social media, you need to offer something for the customer once they’re there.

Telling your customers to check-in isn’t enough.  You must give them a reason to do so, whether that’s a special offer, exclusive content … whatever they would value enough to continue checking-in and engaging with your brand.

One Response to Facebook Places Checks Out

  1. Kerry says:

    Yeah, I didn’t really see the point of repeating what Foursquare did without offering some kind of incentive. I think the cool thing about checking in would be to see which of your friends were in the same place, but I never check facebook on my phone enough to do that. So to me, I would look back and see, “oh, my friend Johnny *was* there…”

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