Marketing & Promotion: Which of These Ideas Work?

by Kim Taylor

This week, two new campaigns caught my eye.

The first:  a promotion from Domino’s Pizza reviving the ever-popular Noid character from the 80s in a game on their Facebook page.  Players of The Noid’s Super Pizza Shootout compete to win coupons for one of more than 10,000 free pizzas.

Why this works:

Even though the game launched during a week when all ‘the world seems to be bashing remakes of “Dirty Dancing” and “Footloose,” Domino’s proves that putting a new twist on an old campaign can work.  The Noid is fun, light-hearted and celebrating his fictional 25th birthday.

The second: Gap’s new food truck, “Pico de Gap.” Presumably piggybacking on the food truck craze, which, while relatively new to Orlando, has been fairly active in California (the Gap’s home state) for some time now.

Pico de Gap is promoting the brand’s ‘1969: L.A. and Beyond’ campaign, literally taking their campaign to the streets. Tacos are $1.69 and come with a coupon for Gap’s denim.

What do you think? Did the Gap nail it on this one?

Even though I think it’s clever, I don’t get the connection. When I think of “mi amigos,” my first thought isn’t exactly pre-washed denim. Nor have I ever been walking through the Gap and had a sudden urge for a taco.

So, what do you think? What are some examples of promotions you’ve seen recently that work or don’t work?

3 Responses to Marketing & Promotion: Which of These Ideas Work?

  1. Kerry says:

    Ugh, tacos and jeans? No thank you.

    And although I was made in the 80’s too, I do remember that character. Plus, arcade games just make so much sense with pizza.

    I say the win goes to Domino’s!

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  3. facebook advertising…

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