A Casey Sunday

by Roger Pynn

As if it weren’t enough to have been bombarded with Casey Anthony’s release, having chosen to work in the office Sunday afternoon I was hit once again with a taste of this sordid affair when the phone rang and the fellow at the other end told me he had just met with her and had been told by “people I trust” that I ought to hire a public relations firm.

You have to wonder how many firms he had dialed on a Sunday afternoon.

He described himself as “nationwide process server” and he had delivered papers to Ms. Anthony in “a personal meeting.”  Aren’t all process servings personal?  Perhaps this one was in a garage in downtown Orlando between SUV rides.

Explaining to him that this was not the kind of work our firm does, I was tempted, but resisted telling him that rather than hoping to build his reputation with a few seconds on TMZ he might use proven techniques like direct communication with the people who hire process servers:   attorneys.

But, of course, if he met with Ms. Anthony, he no doubt saw a few.

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