Why Didn’t I Think of That?

by Kim Taylor

Allow me to trail off the general theme of “Taking Aim” for a moment to discuss my passion for business, and more specifically, great business ideas.

Great business ideas like eBay or 1-800-Got-Junk take simple ideas – concepts that we can easily understand – and turn them into highly profitable ventures.

The latest “idea” to cross my path is a new neighborhood business called iStudioSalons, which initially sounded like a cross between an iPhone, recording studio and hair salon.  Turns out, it’s a genius concept created by entrepreneurs, Mark Abbett and James Schregardus, which allows independent stylists to own and operate their own salon.

iStudioSalon’s spaces are laid out with 20 or so individual (or double) fully equipped “studios” which allow the stylist to basically run their studio as their own business … setting their own hours, making their own rules, etc.  A concept that is a true blend of full ownership and typical chair rental … offering the benefits of the former without the headaches of the latter.

What they did isn’t mind-blowingly brilliant, but they did something that Seth Godin recently talked about in his blog post, Unbetterable.

“Find things that others have accepted as the status quo and make them significantly, noticeably and remarkably better.”

How do you break through the ruts in your business and find ways to make an impact, or is everything around you simply “unbetterable”?

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