Powerful Social Commentary

by Roger Pynn

If you’re old enough to remember the three martini lunch, this post on Mark Shaefer’s {grow} blog will either scare the living daylights out of you or make you pick up the phone and invite a client out for a drink.  If you’re younger, hopefully it will provide some food for thought.

Shaefer fears the days of conducting business based on these deep relationships is over, but I disagree.  To the contrary, as our economy continues to recover buying decisions will be made based on trust … the belief the person you are buying from will follow through on their promise.  That can only come from getting to know each other.

Hence, successful public relations programs will focus more and more on direct communication rather than relying on media (traditional or social) alone.  Face-to-face and event-based opportunities to share a message will become more powerful than ever before as you compete to earn trust.

That doesn’t mean the return of the three martini lunch, nor does it suggest that tactics once used by over-zealous salesmen who showered clients with expensive perks and questionable favors will once again be common.  Rather, it means savvy executives will be provided with opportunities developed by strategic public relations people who have designed plans that allow for building personal relationships (PR).

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