The Mid-Year Crisis

by Kerry Martin

Whenever the first of July rolls around, I always have this sudden realization that the year is halfway over and I’m nowhere near accomplishing my resolutions (it actually came earlier this year when someone wished me a “Merry Half-Christmas” on the 25th).  While I could bemoan those skipped gym trips and the fact that I’m not yet speaking conversational Spanish, I’d rather put that energy into addressing professional goals I had set for myself (::cough:: blogging more) and for my clients and their communications plan.

As every good PR professional knows, taking a step back to assess your performance against a strategic plan isn’t just that end step at annual review time … it’s important to periodically review metrics and evaluate what is or isn’t working – and mid-year is just the time to do it.  Perhaps the tactics outlined at the start of your communications program need a little tweaking to help you achieve your main objectives.  If social media isn’t converting followers into leads for your client, try another approach like direct email messaging.  Or if your media outreach isn’t generating interest, switch up your contacts with other journalists from different outlets to see whether a new angle might do the trick.

But in the case of those procrastinators out there, maybe this turn of the calendar page will simply serve as a wake-up call to get moving and put your carefully laid plans in motion.

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