Crime Declines as Casey Anthony Goes on Trial

by Roger Pynn

I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry yesterday after reading this column by Mike Thomas in the Orlando Sentinel headlined “Reports of mayhem, fear distort reality:  Crime on the decline.”

Poor Mike, he has to make a living surrounded by boogey men focused on grabbing your childlike attention with stories no more representative of the way things are than a James Bond novel.

They are being forced out of economic necessity to do what I did in the headline on this post to prove a point:  that everything they do publish is about Web traffic.  Our blog will get extra traffic today simply because the name Casey Anthony is here … just as news websites everywhere know that violence, crime and sex will grab more clicks to more of their pages, driving their ad click economy.  (P.S. My Google search for the Casey Anthony link in that headline proves the point … 20,600,000 results.)

Would you read stories that say your world is getting better?

If you get Mike’s point, here’s a likely headline, sub-head and lead paragraph on the story:

Crime statistics show your world getting safer

Some who doubt studies say “figures often lie.”

A variety of studies indicate the world is become safer, pointing to declines in the rate of everything from sexual abuse of minors and online solicitation of children to the lowest rate of traffic fatalities in 32 years.  But online comments about the results indicate many people don’t believe in research.

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