Your Brand – Live on Facebook

by Heather Keroes

I’ve been keeping an eye on live video service provider Ustream since Shakira used it to debut her music video for “Give It Up To Me” on Facebook (don’t judge).  However, for quite some time, Ustream services on Facebook were limited to those who could afford to pay Ustream for a custom app (mostly celebrities) and the lucky few who managed to sign up with an ad-supported free beta account.

Now, Ustream has announced that its Facebook app is officially available and free to install on any Facebook fan page.  The new app has great potential for a number of brands, whether you want to host a live press conference or showcase live video from your destination. 

If you’re considering integrating live video to showcase your brand, here are a few tips for the new Ustream service:

  1. It’s an ad world.  If you’re hoping for a free Ustream account with no advertising, you’re out of luck.  However, Ustream does offer several monthly price points for those who want to remove all advertisements from their feeds.  Ustream is also working on a “pay per view” service, meaning your video’s popularity determines your bill.
  2. Notify.  Viewers of your live videos can opt-in to receive notifications before you stream your next live event.  
  3. Brand it.  Just as you would ensure your brand is well represented in any video you film, you want to ensure that your video application receives the same attention to detail.  Ustream’s app has several custom settings so page administrators can set their own banner, background, text, color, etc.
  4. Open or Shut.  Sometimes it can be fortuitous for a brand to “fan-gate” its Facebook page by restricting access to certain sections to “likers” only.  Ustream has this feature.

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