On The Bandwagon

by Dan Ward

We try to discuss serious issues here, but I’m as concerned as the next guy with page views and click-throughs.  So here goes … Casey Anthony, Casey Anthony, Casey Anthony!

I’m through shaking my head over the media’s fascination with CASEY ANTHONY (does shouting increase views?).  Maybe they’re on to something.

Sure, a case could be made that media should focus a little more attention on “serious” news.  But writers and producers need to eat too, people, and Casey Anthony puts bread on the table (do italics impact clicks?).

That must explain the rumor that the Orlando Sentinel has more credentials for the Casey Anthony trial than it did for the penultimate flight of the Space Shuttle.  It explains why “48 Hours Mystery” is acquitting Casey Anthony before a jury is even seated.  It’s why Nancy Grace is, well, Nancy Grace.

I guess the only thing left to say is #CaseyAnthony.

2 Responses to On The Bandwagon

  1. Kim says:

    I try to avoid using her name in my blog posts but then again, I make no money off of clicks

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