Out of Sight … Out of Mind

by Roger Pynn

If there’s one thing I’ve learned from writing for “Taking Aim” it is the importance of doing it often. Watching the statistics of visits by readers, the penalty for failing to keep up with our blogging duties is that our following thins out.

Contacted by an old friend who wanted to go to lunch to catch up, I was drawn to his website to see what he’s been doing … and there I noticed he writes a blog on a topic I’m truly interested in. In fact, I subscribe to a blogger who actively writes on the same subject and am surprised I hadn’t found my friend’s blog referred to there or elsewhere.

This guy’s a smart fellow. Known to work with major global brands, he writes with solid insight from an executive perspective. His most recent post was pretty interesting stuff.

Then I noticed the dates on his posts: one in March and two in February … preceded by two last December and two before that in April of last year.

Out of sight … out of mind.

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